Let’s Get It Om

Episode 26 . 33:50
In-Te-Greatness Podcast
Health & Fitness | Episode 26 [ Full ] | 10, Apr 2024

Episode transcript

Hot off the success of their first guest, Jason and Jolene welcome Valerie Pullen to the show. Val is a yoga instructor and reiki and reflexology practitioner. On this, the first of a two-part podcast experience, she talks the many physical and mental-health benefits yoga provides. Ready to get your namaste on? Push play and go with the flow! 

You can find Val at https://valkyriespirit.janeapp.com/

Or on Instagram at @valkyriespirit_

Music by Shawn Knippelberg of Bad Man Inc.

Episode timeline

  • 23Introduction To The Integrateness Podcast
  • 217Exploring The Spiritual Aspect Of Yoga
  • 324Understanding Different Types Of Yoga
  • 481Delving Into Yin Yoga Practice
  • 620The Support And Surrender In Yin Yoga
  • 834The Benefits Of Relaxation As A Practice
  • 956Val’s Journey To Teaching Yoga
  • 1087Transformations In People’s Lives Through Yoga
  • 1318The Challenge Of A Three-Minute Downward Dog
  • 1478The Power Of Community In Yoga Classes
  • 1625Cultivating Abundance Through Yoga Practice
  • 1824The Need For Men’s Healing Spaces In Yoga
  • 1913Closing Thoughts And Yoga Connection Challenge

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