Oh, hey, look at you, ground

Episode 10 . 27:40
In-Te-Greatness Podcast
Health & Fitness | Episode 10 [ Full ] | 20, Sep 2022

Episode transcript

Do you meditate? No. Think it’s too hard or too boring or not manly enough an activity? Well, hate to break it to yah, meditation might be hard at first, but the benefits make the effort totally worthwhile. And many successful people — male and female alike — meditate as a means of easing stress, finding focus, recharging their physical, mental and emotional batteries…even to produce more wealth and success in business.  On this episode, Jason and Jolene share their meditation journey in hope of helping you start yours. 

Dare to give it a try?  Jolene has guided meditations that are perfect to get you started.  You can find them at www.jolenedawn.com/meditations


Featuring music by Shawn Knippelberg of Bad Man Inc.